Cassette Review //
Mary Kate and Trashley
"Make A Record"

$5 // //

There is a lot going on during this cassette but it doesn't go on for very long so pay close attention.   The first song, "A Touch of the Doctor", feels like tuning up some kind of synths or tones and it's about half a minute long.   This takes us into this rock n roll banger called "Compression" which is something along the lines of The Damn Personals.

With killer guitar riffs there is a little bit of Spacehog in here and then "Crush" can resemble MTX and the lyrics say "I've got a crush on you / I don't know what to do" which feel poppy/catchy and just overall make me feel like this could be something found in the Lookout! Records catalog.

On the flip side we start things off with another short song called "I Don't Like U Much" and then go into the longest song on here- almost three minutes- called "Noonan" in which he asks "Mrs. Noonan can Michael come out and play?"  Did everyone grow up with a kid with the last name Noonan because I'm pretty sure I went to school with a Justin Noonan at some point in my childhood.

The final song is called "Spaceship" and has that hip rock n roll vibe to it where you'd wear sunglasses indoors.   It talks about taking a ride on a spaceship (duh) and just seems to complete the cassette as it goes from love to childhood memories to outerspace.   Still, I would definitely give this more than one play so you can catch what you might have missed the first time around and overall just keep listening to it because it rocks.


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