Cassette Review //
Whettman Chelmets
"Doesn't Remember...."
(Strategic Tape Reserve)

Sold Out // //

What starts with a slow growing of strings shines on through with singing like a Christmas choir.   This blisters into a new kind of shining, like opening up your front door and the sun burning through in your eyes.    This fades into a nice ambient drone and then words are spoken.    Beats come knocking through like a haunted Phil Collins and then the drive of synth fills the speakers.   This just really begins to take off in a way which you might have heard in the 1990's, when people had crazy haircuts and cars that looked like spaceships.

Words are briefly spoken again and then the distortion rings through with this power behind it, somewhat rough but it just feels so strong.    As it grows a bit wavy, it also feels like we're going into post rock territory somehow.    It's not quite a grinding now, but a drilling perhaps.    A screeching, almost like a train whistle, is behind all of this while the distorted ways rock back and forth, a gentle calm.    It fades now, like an old record. 

On the flip side we start like a car and then we're into this cool beat which makes me think of that "Regulators" song, which for what it's worth doesn't get enough love.    A deeper drone brings on these softer screeches which rise up and fall, then we get into this sound of church bells, something angelic but within space.   As it somewhat whistles, it also drives and it just makes me want to tell those regulators to mount up once again.

Bells bring in those deep, disguised vocals and then it takes on a definite space synth theme.   It's feeling supersonic now with tones bouncing around the room in a pattern which could be generated otherwise by spaceships.    Those bells are ringing again but this time it feels like a triangle.    A whoosh of some engine taking off is set behind them as well.    This just sort of fades out like shooting stars, how they glimmer and then no longer shine and I can't help but be impressed by how much this reminds me of outerspace.


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