Cassette Review //
Burnt Probe
"Corresponding Exits"

$7 //
Edition of 50 // //

We open with what sounds like an electronic storm.   There are tones looming on the horizon with crashes and it feels like you're listening to that sound of thunder and wind outside but also somehow there is that electric feel to it.   Words come through but are chopped up in bits and then lighter hues also fill the background.    While I feel like most music can twist and turn or have its ups and downs, this song feels like it started at one point and has just taken off from there, the way a storm intensifies but sometimes doesn't let up until right at the very end.

As it grows into this static it can feel like lightning bugs now, which is sometimes just the aftermath of a storm.    This takes us into a song with big distorted beats and laser shots.   A robotic voice now says "I won but you have lost / The question is: why?" and then these giant beats come in as well and this is chaotic.    Ultimately, this song feels like the anthem for the pending robotic uprising.    Beats and lasers all over the place, this is loud and it's in your face.   It can begin to feel like a march now.    One day, should I happen to be killed by a robot, I would like this song played at my funeral (Though I think everyone should feel that same way)

A sharpness and deep bass growl begin the next song with these vocals coming through so low and distorted you can't really tell what the words are being said.   Much faster beats come in now and just like that we've gone from this slow crawl start to this faster paced song which reminds me of "Run Lola Run".    There is definitely a strong unce unce dance part here.   I'm beginning to sort of make out some of the words being spoken now.    It sounds almost like a Wookiee singing now as the beats continue to make me want to move, eventually just fading out to end the song.

Tension laser shots come through now as the beats build like the pounding of the drum.   Bells are ringing behind these beats now and this feels like a video game but for some reason it also makes me think of "Invader Zim".    A song with a steel drum type of rhythm comes on next and this has been fairly evenly paced throughout so far, never slowing down.    There is a drumming but where you hear the sticks more and then this hum-buzz comes onto the scene and this just feels like a swarm. 

On the flip side we open with static wind and electronic drips.    Slip beats turn into crashes and this has picked up the pacing right where it left off on the previous side.   This would be good workout music.    A darker almost melodic distorted wave begins the next song now.   In some ways this feels like it's going to that place like NIN but then it has these fast paced beats that come in and just take it to a whole other level.    A flurry of synths now and this just feels like such a powerful movement.

A lot of laser shots are fired now and coupled with the beats this just creates a symphony of them.    The drums clap now.    Whooshes come through now and it feels like we're being blasted with a portal gun.    Somehow this seems like the only fitting way for this to come to an end because you just have to imagine this as being a film about a character who just up and disappears at the end.    After a pause, a slower, desolate song comes on- I imagine it as if we are looking into the wild west as an apocalypse.    The beats feel like footsteps of an old ghost walking through what used to be.


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