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"Good Trouble"

The music stylings of Mutlu can change from song to song but it is best perhaps described as acoustic melodies.   The first song- "Lifeline" (which also has a video) - has this upbeat sort of pop rock feel which I can't quite put my finger on.  It's this almost gospel feeling with hints of Uncle Kracker and the later years of The Gadjits.    The line "We need a lifeline before we drown" seems to apply to so many aspects of life in this the year 2019.

This takes us into the second song, "Not Escapable", which has this reggae way about it as it reminds me of the Dirty Heads (cause they did that "Lay Me Down" song) and Sublime, specifically that acoustic album Sublime has out there.   Lyrics in it are about the POTUS and it seems like a good as time as any to speak out about the country because we're all living in it.   The organs slide on through and you can sing along with it.   The peacefulness of it reminds me of Bob Marley-- it's just so chill.

"95 to 5" is a protest song with that jam guitar solo while "Scarred" is acoustic, haunted and recalls some Blue October, some Who ("Behind Blue Eyes") or maybe "More Than Words".    "Nothing in this Whole Wide World" has soul, as it's smooth and transitions into a driving groove.   "Work For It" could be my true anthem, as the chorus states:  "Work for it / Every day and every night" and I just feel like if you work hard you will see the results of your labors.

"Oh My Girl" is the ballad and in that way the perfect song to go out on because some of these songs feel like those softer, acoustic numbers and overall it has that general vibe, but there are still parts where it gets a bit more intense than that, more rockin' than coffee shop.   On the whole I feel like "Good Trouble" is chill and easily likable.    Everyone should at least give this two or three chances because if you tell me you don't like it I'll just think that you're in a bad mood.


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