Cassette Review //
Aimee-Sofia Brown

£5 //
Edition of 25 //

This starts with a loud, ringing drone.   It fades in and out at different volumes but you can feel the distortion, the power behind it.    There is an end of the world quality to this sound as well.    While this continues to grow and shrink, the pushing and the pulling, the contracting, still feels strong, like it has a grip on you and won't let go.

As the first song fades, the next comes in quietly in the background with a drone but then somehow choppy in front of that which is making my speakers shake.   It is both loud and quiet at the same time, more soft and abrasive.    It rings and seems to wave on purpose, as if you have this steady drone and are sort of shaking it, the way you would something metal to make it look like rubber.

The third track comes through with this distinct pattern on repeat- a beep-beep-beep sort of idea, like cutting though not beeping- and it feels more like a beam of light than what came before it.   It's like opening up a box and a giant light shines out into the sky, no one throughout the universe unable to see it.   It still fades in and out though, like the beginning to a film I'm reminded of seeing in theaters back when they promoted the sound quality.  

On the flip side I feel like the sound comes out like an accordian at first, but it might also just be that rocking back and forth vibe I'm getting as well.   It feels like it's taking us into outerspace, once again expanding and contracting.    Ringing through, once again it shakes the speakers.   This takes us into the next song which has this deep cello like sound to start and then the synth comes through in notes that make it feel like a transmission being sent to aliens.  

The speakers shake through alien glowing hues and this final track feels as if it is combining all of the sounds which were heard in the tracks before it.    Feeling like we are on a spaceship or any other sort of ship now but the waves do feel more like space than the water.    In the end, I like to kind of just imagine that we fade into space the way a balloon floats into the atmosphere until it becomes so small that you can no longer see it.   


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