Cassette Review //
Jessa Black
"Meet Me On The West Coast"
(Custom Made Music)

$8 // //

Soulful beats bring out that similar type of singing you find not quite on pop and not quite on R&B, but somewhere in between.   The title is heard on the first song and by the second I'm thinking of that song "Here".   There is a killer guitar riff to be found on the second song as well.   By the third and final song you can hear these beats with singing, which can be fast at times, and it reminds me of hip hop but also something else. 

Though this is only three songs (I wish it was more) I often times find myself even just clinging to a single song because of how good it is and Jessa Black has made me think that same way about this cassette.   These songs are easy on the ears and they'll get stuck in your head.   It's that perfect combination of "I feel like I've heard this one before" and "This sounds like nothing I've ever heard before".

"Meet Me On The West Coast" is also a fun idea just because I live on the east coast.   There are a lot of songs out there about which coast is better (and rappers have died over it) but would you believe I've never even been to the west coast?   I feel like at some point I need to go, even just to be able to say I've been to California in my lifetime, and perhaps this cassette is that motivation I needed to go out and explore this country.


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