Cassette Review //
Imelda Marcos
(Already Dead Tapes)

$6 //
Second Edition of 75 // //

Strings come through in an order like scales and the drums softly rumble behind them.   This becomes a loud, energetic sound driven on the percussion and guitars.   It feels like it could go into something like At-the-Drive-In or even possibly Recover.   The guitars really sing the notes here and this is somewhere between post rock and hardcore.    The way it grows so complex also makes me think of math rock, so with the hardcore aspect of it I'm definitely feeling some Fear Before the March of Flames as well.

We shift to the feeling now of a constant tapping on a keyboard.   Notes cut through and this makes me think more of Dillinger Escape Plan.    The notes slice upwards now and then chop down, some funky jazz rhythm here.    Starts and stops and I think I hear a "Hey!".   I'm thinking of The Lot Six now. 

I really enjoy how the notes seem to echo back and forth across the clanky guitars.   It's complex, but it's something you can still feel isn't too overwhelming.   Darker strings make this feel a bit more symphonic and then we're right back into the banging and clanking.   A locomotive now.   That whistle is in there as well.   We begin to wind and twist now through this sorted rock adventure and it's just such a rush. 

On the flip side we open with equally loud killer riffs which make me think of Hendrix at times.    This takes us into a travelling feel, which is nice.   We're just moving right along.   Sharp dings are in here as the percussion holds steady.    Deep, dark notes drop in now and it feels a bit like Black Sabbath.    You could really skate to this one.

Cymbals slowly bring in the back and forth beeping of guitars and this one is just heavy like Every Time I Die.    I've felt the hardcore roots on these songs and this one just really showcases them to where you feel like you almost want to put them into that genre.   Guitar notes rip through now and this one has just really taken off from how it started but it just goes to show you how music can grow, even just within one song. 

It slows now to that crawl like Boris the Spider.   As it goes up and falls back down I'm hesitant but I will say it sounds a little bit like Primus.    It winds and it winds down as if it is running out of batteries.    The strings come back calmly now, back and forth like floating in the ocean.    Softer tones come out behind this now, like moans, as the cymbals gently crash.    The vocals become all of the song now, in that ahhhh sense. 


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