Cassette Review //
"Agony & Extasy"

€7 //
Edition of 50 // //

This begins with some static but then it has these deep sounding vocals which don't really form words repeating with this sound which could be something metal being dragged across the concrete (I like to think of a shovel in a garage)   Ambient hues come into the background now where it feels like they're taking over and this is becoming much more magical.    These tones swirl through now and it feels like we're being transported to outerspace.

Somewhat like a keytar now or that instrument from the MOTU movie, this one is going to a different timeline now.   Organs come in as the air whooshes around them.   It's a little bit of a scraping noise again, but also some distortion which makes it sound different than it did at the beginning of the song.   This all fades out though, with a slight bang, and we're onto the next song with these dark, swamp like glitches.    Static like Transformers comes through in bursts now and it kind of feels like we're flipping through stations which aren't coming in.

What I like to think of as guitar notes blister through now, the way the rays of the sun shine down on you during a hot day when there isn't a cloud in the sky.   Lighter tones come into this as well and it just feels like we're in the sky-- not on the ground and not in space but in the sky.   Waves are crashing behind it now as well and I like to think of it as some futuristic idea where we've harnessed the clouds, the rain which they can form, to create beaches in the sky and this is just a relaxing day at the beach.

On the flip side the tones come in with a feeling more like post rock.   It picks up a little bit where we left off on the previous side but also has this way of space about it.   These notes really just ring through as there is this hum drone behind them.  It gets a little sharp now as it can feel like it flickers and takes on a serious tone.   The sound kind of drifts out, rocking back and forth, and the song comes to an end.

We sound like a music box now, a child's toy, but also that electronic feel of something about to happen.   It has that way about it like when you wind up a toy and let it go, as it makes that music, and there is this crackling behind it as well, like perhaps the sound is old and distorted.    Static slips and it fades out.   The next song begins as another transmission from the space station.    Ringing through brightly now, I can feel this one growing, shining from a singular line into a ray.    It feels like we're droning through now, some old film in black and white shot like a home movie. 


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