Cassette Review //
Skin Tags
"Skin Tags"
(Already Dead Tapes)

$6 //
Edition of 125 //

As I was looking information about the musical group known as Skin Tags, I also happened upon my Hotmail account in an open window.   I noticed I had 11 emails in my junk folder, so when I went to clear them one of those emails was simply from "Skin Tag".    One day, all of our junk folders will be filled with senders who have the same names as the music which we listen to-- I can feel it.

The deal with Skin Tags is that they are a supergroup of sorts.   Lucy Dougherty (also of Little Big Bangs) plays bass and sings.   Shelly Koesterer drums.   And the guitar is handled by Mabel Suen, who I perhaps best know for being one half of the duo Complainer with Joe Hess.    There is also that Hess, Usui, Suen cassette that was released not too long ago, Mabel Suen and Joe Hess seemingly trying to see who can be a part of more releases on Already Dead Tapes while still releasing music together.

These songs are heavy and they are angry.   They're in your face and if you think your neighbors will be okay with them you live in a different place than me because I feel like most of my neighbors would tell me to turn this down.   Somewhere in reviews of bands such as Skin Tags you'll probably always find a reference to Walls of Jericho, for which I blame on the times more than anything else, but there are even elements of Period Bomb in here and I Hate Sex.   This also makes me think of that band called War On Women, who I've listened to a few times.

There are these great breakdowns with just killer guitar riffs and that makes me think of Drowningman.   It's just that... it's relentless.   It can feel like it's slowing down or taking it easy on you at times, but it's really not because even the slowest any of these songs get is likely harder than what you're used to hearing.   This one hits fast, it hits hard and at the end of it all there is even a hidden surprise.   My favorite song is "I Hate Life" just because it shows the substance in these lyrics and that this band is more than just a swift kick to the gut.


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