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German Army
"No No Boy"

€8 // //

Like a carousel, this begins with singing and it has an almost Beatles feel to it.    This also becomes dreamy, which makes it feel trippy like something out of that garage rock scene.    Beats come in now with a funky groove and there is an audio clip behind this.    The drumming just grooves like this tribal rhythm.   It feels of the jungle.

Lasers click and are shot through this deeply distorted drone now.   There is a rather sci-fi feel to this song as the synth drives on through.    As these guitar sounding tones come through like a video game, so do these vocals and darkness which makes me think of Depeche Mode. 

A funky electronic pinball sound now brings out some spoken words like Tears For Fears.    As the synth drives now, it has this haunted sound as the words repeat and feel like a reminder of something we forgot but will forget no more.   It seems so profound, yet also so foretelling.

Heavier static skip beats come in now with words speaking like an audio clip with the distorted past.    This is loud like a crowd.    This leads to a song with those serious Law & Order beats and footsteps.    There is a certain banging now, like pots and pans almost.    This brings upon some nice relaxing tones to end the first side.

Some great 1990's industrial fused with this jungle rhythm percussion, synths and audio clips starts things off on the flip side.   They are talking about torture chambers.   Somehow this next set of beats reminds me of a jackhammer and then the singing comes back as well.   Synth organs bring out this mechanical feel and then the next song really drives hard with these huge drums crashing down.

Brooding now, the percussion gives way for deeper synths and bass.   There is this uplifting feel to it and then these hollow tones come through with distorted vocals which bring about some lighter tones, like on clouds, and the beats just kick in as well.    There is an audio clip in here and then big beats bass drops in with these fun synths.    Distorted vocals are behind this as well.

Big synth tones now make me feel like we're at the start of a television show or film and that it might have something to do with MOTU.    This is an ambient synth now for sure.   It blooms into something blissed out just as well.    It seems as if we're just drifting aimlessly until we just hit that point in space where we just float away.


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