Cassette Review
Red On
"Firn EP"

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Edition of 60 //

This one starts with electronics which feel kind of sneaky.   There are these beats which feel like hip hop, but it also has this feeling like something is going on that only the song knows about.   It builds up and feels like something out of a spy movie in ways.    On the next song the similar type of tones come through, only in single succession this time.  It has an alien vibe to it and there are vocals, which is probably why the linear notes say "feat. Museum Of No Art".  The singing turns to spoken word and what sounds like a soft saxophone comes through.

"Many truths but no answers" is a line I'm really a fan of during the second song.  The way that these synth tones make melodies but also feel like they're falling off in a destructive way is just so amazing.   It sounds like water is running behind this all now, as the frequencies can shift and drop.    As the drum machine comes in this reminds me of some combination of Bjork and Polly Scattergood, which is a nice place to be.   There is perhaps more music than vocals in this song but it is a beautiful place to be nonetheless.  

The third song begins with these tones which feel deeper, darker somehow and then lighter tones like a whistle almost join them and it creates this back and forth with this rising bass behind it.   It's a slower, minimal type of "X-Files" sound.   It kind of fades out with what reminds me of a helicopter and a soft growl.   Some static- the rustling of leaves perhaps- comes on for the next song and these beeps come through like transmissions from a satellite or a ringtone.  

This is joined by a guitar sound which gives this a post rock feel more than the electronic feel previously heard.   Vocals come out in this song as well, though they are by Red On this time around.   Still that crackle of the fire is behind this all.   The vocals are almost like Frampton Comes Alive.

The titular track, which is how Side A comes to an end, begins with these beeps which come in and seemingly fade out as they land.   There is an alien feel to this, a stretching of the strings in some aspect of it all, and it just has this peaceful, resting quality to it.   You could meditate to this song and that is always something worth hearing because reflecting on your own thoughts can be okay as long as you don't do it too much.   

We build back with those guitar notes but it just has this hazy, relaxing sound where you could be floating in the middle of the ocean without a care in the world.  Claps are behind this now but they don't seem to disrupt the chill.   Somehow, this makes me think of a more minimal and slowed down song by AWOLNATION.  On the flip side, all of these songs except for that last one are remixed in various ways by different artists and, yes, the remix of "Theme For A Room" is my favorite as I wish to hear more of Museum Of No Art.   For those who also wish to hear more of Museum Of No Art, this cassette is a great place to start.  


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