Cassette Review //
"Fiber​​-​​Optic Fur & 3D​​-​​Printed Bones"
(Suite 309)

$7 //
Edition of 100 // //

Electronic pinball brings out these ping pong beeps and there is some percussion behind this and some static as well.   It flips over into this wild blissed out synth number now.  It just hits hard and feels like it should be on the dancefloor.    It reminds me of Fire-Toolz here, but without the heavy.    It's all mixed up now, the frequencies are changing and coming out like a record scratch.    The beats increase and this has a powerful drive to it.

A pinball glitch brings in what sound like vocals saying no over and over again and then these deeper keys are hit like those bass distorted vocals.    It really feels like there is singing in here now, near the end of the track, but I have no idea what they're saying.   Spaced out synth tones echo through the speakers next as the drums build up behind them.   Vocals come in now in a singing way but also in a robot way and I can definitely hear the name "Jupiter".

Steady rhythm brings out steady beeping now.   The percussion is really in control now.   Cymbals bring about this cool, lounge feeling.    Guitar notes can feel like they are beeping in and the beats start to scramble.   In some ways this can feel like the opening theme for a television series, even if it might be an anime.   Blissed out, it just keeps moving, into a little of what could be described as electronic jazz as well.

As we go back into those ping pong sort of beeps I also am really feeling the hip hop on this one.   Someone seems to be trying to say something but keeps getting cut off as those video game synth shots are fired.   This changes octaves a few times, with a few different feelings, but it just bumps.    It pauses, but only for a second, but then it returns with this banging type of electronic beats.    As it grows, it begins to clap and get a little bit dreamy as well. 

It bleeds through now, just blisters, somewhere between that funk and soul.   The gong is struck and then it whooshes for a bit before everyone is singing something like "ok" and it's a bunch of little words but doesn't feel quite like a sentence even.   Then there is a verse, so it's making sentences now.   This has something to do with the birdwalk.    A sound like a car enginge revving up now stops with a sonar like beeping and then repeats.   There is also some sharpness in here, like a metal detector.   Then it swirls under the ocean.

Slow and steady now, beats creep back in with this deep, distorted sort of ohm spoken behind these squeaks.    As it skips around, it goes to this dark place where it can feel somewhat haunted.    It makes these almost moan sounds as it rides the wave right up until the end and then just stops.

On the flip side we start off with this slightly squeaky modem which builds like distortion and then giant distorted beats fill the speakers.   It feels tribal, like it's in the jungle, and then those static slip beats come in as well.   Through the static it picks up like a video game.   Even through this distortion it just feels like so much fun.  Deeper synth now brings out this distorted slide and it feels like an army marching.    Now someone is asking "Yo yo where the weed at?" and that's what I want to know.

It loops and then just kicks in all sorts of wild with these cymbals.    "I'm so fresh you can suck my nuts"  And then we're into this nice start and stop loop of distorted melody.    There is definitely a strong video game vibe within this song as well.  It feels like something from the SNES.     Growing into some more complex and more advanced video game sounds, I'm really feeling this one.   You can hear the coins being collected in that way.   It's got this groove and then the ball begins to really get rolling.

The tones drop back and forth and just become plain wild.   Beats come in now all swirled out.    This is intergalactic hip hop.    With those beats and synths, this one is growing into something that maybe you won't want to dance to but it will make you want to get up and move at the very least-- run.    There are two different types of singing come in here now and I feel like we've heard this somewhere before. 

Static comes through, screeching modem and yet also hollow somehow.    "I'm so fresh you can suck my nuts" is back again as well.   This time it gets chopped up and speeds up as well.    This brings us to the end of the cassette and I suppose it is as good of a place as any to be left because you always want to go out on top.


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