Cassette Review //
(Flower Room)

$6 //
Edition of 75 // //

Deep tones ring through like a sitar.   Guitar notes come creeping in now, a bit like post rock bliss.    It has a dreamy, drifting off into the clouds to sleep thing going on.    The notes form more patterns now and aren't just as solo with these droning tones behind them.   This has a FNL way about it as well.     It really just feels desolate now, like we're lost either in space or the middle of nowhere on the ground.

We drone now into the next song which has these angelic notes ringing out, somewhat shaking the speakers.   It grows more intense as the speakers really begin to shake now.    But it's also sort of droning, as parts of it feel like notes just being shot out into the air and left there to fade.    As it gets a little bit magical now I'm thinking I either hear cymbals or that sitar again.

On the flip side these hues come through like an old film.   There are bells ringing now, like a triangle ding, and this just grows and really feels like it's going to start talking in a way which a movie would.   I keep waiting for that voiceover to come, but it's more calming to not hear it.   There is also this way where you can create your own scene, your own play-by-play in your head, if you will, and I imagine this cassette as being remixed by people adding their own words, creating their own stories with this sound.

Sharp at times it almost whistles and then it can feel like raindrops into crystals.   But that FNL guitar pattern remains, a feeling of magical wonder and exploration.    More ringing and dinging now.   A symphony of bells and whistles to some extent.   Then the guitar begins to build, the spears begin to shake.   It all winds down into these joyful bells and tones which make it feel like we're  going out on a high note, which is always a good way to go.


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