Music Review // Wes McClintock "Open Dream"

"Open Dream" begins with an upbeat sounding instrumental song which has this organ feel to it as well.  This really sets this mood for the album because even though it is not completely instrumental, it is still the best example of how this wonderful album by Wes McClintock will play out.  

There is some highway rocking when the vocals come in on "Imaginary Songs", but there is also this classic-electro feel with modern synth rock vibes.   Those big piano parts come in and on "Falling" it can feel like a Finger Eleven dance number.   Delicate acoustics come out for "Waiting In Line" and there is just something magical about this sound overall.

"Breaking Into Nothing" is fun musically, somewhat like a video game even, and also instrumental.   Those big pianos are really showcased on "See It" while "Home" feels tropical somehow.   With sweet guitar solos, Wes McClintock combines the music of the past- Billy Joel, Huey Lewis and the News and even Oingo Boingo- with that of the present to create something in the future tense.

As much as I can hear those bands which would've taken stage in a movie during the 1980's, there are also elements of Capital Cities, fun and Glass Animals.   Wes McClintock has this sound which could just as easily be heard on the modern rock radio station or classic rock station as it could that pop mix station.  I think being able to appeal to all of those genres just shows how this much should have something for everyone.  


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