Music Review // Carry The Branches "Zombie Telegram"

Carry The Branches is a rather unique music project because of the different genres crossed during this five song EP.  At first, there is a definite sound of synthwave, which reminds me of "Pretty In Pink".  It just has that anthem feel to it, but also makes me think of Toto and their song "Africa".  

"Small Everyone" is a song with a lot of melody and it swirls around like a carousel.  This is the point in the EP when the sound begins to shift from being one of the past into one more of modern times.  However, "Azure" is an interesting song in and of itself as it has this way where the vocals can sound like Bob Dylan.   

The sound begins to become heavily distorted and it sounds like if Weezer were covering Bob Dylan, but in a Bob Dylan style, though it also just sounds a bit like Wheatus overall.   The lyric: "Carry the branches back to the trees" appears on this fourth song as well and is quite poetic as I feel we should all be more in touch with nature.

By the end, "Oleander" brings out this big sing along part which will really show you how far this EP has come since the first song.  The vocals become a little bit screamy and the overall sound becomes a little bit emo, as it feels like we've gone from nostalgia to something much more recent but also just as powerful.  


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