Music Review // Jesse Roper "Throw This Rope"


At first, this song sounds a little bit like Beck's "Where It's At" but then it quickly comes in with these drum machine beats and the deep voice of Jesse Roper to turn into something else.  There is that pace of feeling like we're driving, one of those highway type of songs, whether it be "Radar Love" or Steppenwolf.  

As we get into the chorus of this song the guitars come closer to this twang where it can almost become a country song as well.  It feels like what it might sound like if an artist such as Butthole Surfers were to make a country album in modern times.   It just has that part where it's alternative rock plus country or maybe the other way around.

This music video has visuals of who I assume is Jesse Roper playing the guitar and going from inside of a Polaroid to inside the television.   The face of Jesse Roper takes shape in other forms as at one point it it placed upon The Statue of Liberty.   At the same time, this video takes a bizarre twist as the face can be seen on a body which feels like a scene out of "Baywatch".

Regardless of the music video (which I felt would've fit in perfectly during peak MTV time) this song just has a sound all of its own and what you're influenced by is going to come out for you to hear.   From country to classic rock to what I hear most which is the alternative side of rock, Jesse Roper just has this way of playing tricks on your ears while all around just finding a great sound.  


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