Music Review // Maze "show me to your bed"

What I like about this song by Maze is that right away, based on the title, you're going to know what it's about.   If you're not into hearing a song of a sexual nature then you shouldn't press play on this one from the start.    But while it has those implications, it can be thought of in a similar vein to those R&B songs of the 1990's where things are implied but not outright stated.

Musically, this song is just that perfect blend of R&B, pop and electronic music to give it that stand out quality where it isn't in one genre but rather crosses different ones.   It reminds me a bit of someone such as UPSAHL or SHAED, which are both artists I feel are in genres all of their own and Maze could be as well.

This music video has this way about it where it feels like a person is trapped in a closet and there are arms coming through the walls.   Granted, this video says it is the "official audio", but the person in the video has their mouth moving and at times it doesn't line up with the singing, so it feels a bit bizarre in that sense but overall it's nice imaging for the song.

I feel like there are songs which just flat out want to discuss sex, but the songs I like more are the ones that seem to do it in a less obvious way.   Maze, despite this title, doesn't seem as obvious as some songs I've heard before and the music itself is just worth taking this ride and discovering your new favorite artist.  


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