Cassette Review // Joe Moffett "More of it and Closer" (Tubapede Records)

Soft trumpet notes begin this cassette.  It feels like a beckoning, like the way someone in Lord of the Rings would stand atop a mountain and blow a horn to rally up the troops.   But this is also soft and spacious.   This is minimal and sound and though I can feel like it's a trumpet the whole time, there are some sounds of heavy breathing and what feels like a shovel being dragged across the concrete.  

The sound of an electric drill now comes through, as if we are in shop class.  This sort of rattling/screeching sound can also be heard and it's in a shaking way.   It feels as if static is coming through, but it also just feels like how you would blow through a trumpet with no sound coming out, which is kind of the wrong way to blow through such an instrument but someone untrained (such as myself) might do just that.   Little bits of what feels like percussion is coming through now as that door creaks open also.

On the flip side, the trumpet slowly comes through again.   That is, until the trumpets come through blaring and this one is just loud.  You can kind of hear what sounds like horses galloping, but it's just this sharp sound in front of it as well.   As it blares through louder and longer, it feels as if there are times when you can hear Moffett coming up for air.   That sound comes through again that's like a hissing or shaking, but it's also got those horror movie vibes like someone is lurking right behind you.

Short notes now and some sounds like droplets.   It's sharp, screechy and stretching.  Then the long notes of the trumpet return.   These notes create a pattern which can come through feeling like waves now.   The sound can also blare through in what sounds like a very primal way, like some sort of animal.   To some extent this also comes through sounding like a warning, an alarm.   This kind of scratches and scrapes its way off into space as it comes to an end.