Music Review // Victoria Staff "Here We Go Again"


When I think of songs with the line "Here We Go Again" in them they always seem faster paced than this song by Victoria Staff.  This is a moderately paced song with soft melodies and it just overall sounds pleasant even though the nature of the lyrics might not be the same.  There are some sounds like strings and pianos in here, maybe some Anna Nalick, but it's just overall easy on the ears.

The idea of this song lyrically is about how relationships can be cyclical.  It's funny because even though you can see it in romantic relationships where you fight and break up just to get back together and repeat the process again, a lot of life is cyclical.   You have that idea of waking up, going to work, going to sleep and repeating it.   Sometimes that is called stability and it's nice but other times it can become mundane.

A line in this song I really like is: "I'm not shy / I'm motivated" and I feel like Victoria Staff has the intentions of making whatever is coming around again work out.  It's commendable to work something out, as far too often we leave things behind so quickly, but I also just cannot get over on how much I feel like this song shines a spotlight on how much life can feel like it repeats itself.  

Whether you find yourself in a relationship romantic or otherwise, or you're just in the cycle of day-to-day life, I hope that listening to "Here We Go Again" can break you of that cycle and help you feel like you're living the life that you're supposed to be.   Sometimes we get stuck in this routine to where we forget it's even happening, so songs like this one by Victoria Staff are a nice way to remind us to do something different.  


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