Music Review // Brady Harris "Hotel In The Sky"

Listen on Bandcamp here.

The music of Brady Harris rather upbeat and can have this delightful rock sound sometimes feeling like it's bordering on pop.   Immediately I can hear the influence of artists such as Ben Kweller and Elliott Smith, but there is also some of The Beatles in here as well as Elton John.  To an extent this does remind me of that one album by The Get Up Kids as well, which is something I like to reference when I can.

When listening to a song such as "Economy Of Sound" you can hear the distinct way it could be on the radio as modern rock in 2023.   It has that AJR type of feeling where it could go from the rock station to the pop station even, as AJR does.   These songs are also just fairly catchy as the more you listen to them the tougher it will be to get them out of your head.

As is the case with most great music, this also has that quality where these songs seem to be the soundtrack to a film that doesn't exist.   Though this would make an excellent companion piece for a Wes Anderson film, I also just imagine this as telling its own story given the song titles and the adventures they seem to take the listener on.

Brady Harris also has created this very adaptive style here as I can imagine these songs being played whether you're at a gathering of people, driving or just hanging out and relaxing.  There really isn't a time when it wouldn't be a good time to have these songs on.  Now is the best time to start listening to them and once you start you will likely not want to stop.