Music Review // King Analog "King Analog"

Listen on Bandcamp here.

The sound of King Analog can be described as instrumental dark metal.  It's difficult to find a comparison with this because many artists play metal faster or have vocals which make it more distinct by how they scream/growl/etc.   I hear parts of Liturgy in here though and just that idea of metal but also being on an experimental level.

With distortion, this feels like Hendrix at times and on "Escape Velocity" it even gets a little bit dreamy with a sweet guitar riff.   There is melody in here as well, which I feel like puts King Analog in a league closer to someone like Coheed and Cambria.   By "Rain" it begins to feel like Metallica but at the same time Hum.

We dive into that 90210 guitar haze sound an as it gets a little trippy as "Rain" ends, it wakes right back up on "Lowrider UFO".   There is also a part in here which makes it sound like a robotic voice is in the background, which breaks up the pure instrumental aspect, but overall this album really lets the guitars do the talking.  

One thing I really take away from this album as well is that as much as I think of it as being metal and in that sense for fans of metal music, it also has this undeniable quality about it which makes it feel like it's got this hint of classic rock to it.   I'm not sure any band has ever mixed it up quite like this before but it is definitely something which rocks and if you like music which is either metal or just unique then King Analog is for you.


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