Music Review // Stephen Marley "Old Soul"

When someone would say someone else has an "Old Soul", I always felt they meant it towards a child who would act more like an adult.    It's not something you can really put your finger on as to why someone has an old soul, but Stephen Marley definitely does and this song proves exactly why.   With his delicate voice and acoustic guitar this song is really much more powerful than it feels in the sense that it could be played anywhere and at any time.

I've always felt like there were people out there who have died but their legacy lives on so in some ways they're still alive.   Stephen Marley really shows this with this song and I feel a lot of that to be true because this song is a beautiful tribute to those who came before him and those who are around him still.    As the song says, it is a "Tribute to the ones who made it all possible" and that is past and present.

While this song isn't sad it's definitely emotional to hear the different years go by and how Stephen Marley went from a child with his dad to not having his dad and then just that feeling of the spirit of his dad being inside of him.   It's touching and I think anyone who grew up listening to not only Bob Marley but musicians like Peter Tosh that are noted in this song can feel some sort of connection to what is essentially music history unfolding before your ears.

This video has the words to the song going on the screen and I think reading them and seeing the images from the time makes it even more impactful.   As a father, I think we want our sons to do something to carry on our legacy and honor us.   This song ends up being a tribute in the end to Stephen Marley's son but I think from the point of view of Stephen Marley carrying on the legacy of Bob Marley, it's nothing but respect all around.  


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