Music Review // Odds "Staring at a Blank Page"

The sound of Odds falls somewhere between Superdrag and "That Thing You Do!" and a band such as Ok Go, where it just feels like fun rock but also the type of rock which you can get up and dance with.   This song is somewhat fast paced, but it also has this underlying quality of rock n roll from the time of Buddy Holly as the chorus has the backing vocals.

This song is interesting because it's about being prepared for something and then ending up, as the title says, "Staring at a Blank Page".   I'm not sure why, but sometimes we know things, we study them and we know them better than anyone else but then once the time comes when we need to explain those things our minds just draw a blank.   Maybe it's the pressure from being put on the spot, but who knows.

Odds portrays this whole concept not in a comedic way but more in a matter of fact way because this really does feel like something which has happened to everyone at some time or another.   Even the best of us has at one point or another been at a loss for words.  What's funny is that now when I'm struggling to think of an answer that I know, this song is going to come to the front of my mind.

Though there are many different ways to interpret this song just based on the title alone, it is fun and you can probably come up with your own idea this song revolving around starting anew.  But in the end, while it can be what you want to make of it, there is also just this upbeat tone to the music that I enjoy and so this song should be in heavy rotation.  


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