CD Review // Nick Grunerud/Underwear "300 Percent Will Power!"

One of my favorite things about this album title is that when "The Simpsons" had their classic baseball episode the players were to be hypnotized to give it 110% and they all said in unison that it was impossible to give more than 100%.   So now we have a CD about baseball by Underwear (Nick Grunderud) that also is about having "300 Percent Will Power!"

A lot of these blues/soul/jazz/electro rock songs are about what the title says.  "Wrong Side of the Farm" is instrumental though, as is "From Lowell to Akron, We got you Covered".  On the later of the two there are these string plucks and warble lasers that just bring out such a unique sound as well.  Truly a way to showcase that musical genius of Underwear.

One of the main songs on this CD seems to be "A Breakdown of Anxiety on the Dancefloor" as it has a speaking part in it which feels like a rant.  There is also a repeated line of: "So if God was real, he probably wouldn't go to a night club" and I think we all know River Phoenix proved this very statement to be true.  

But overall this CD seems to be about the song "Baseball Card to end All Arguments", which is a nice display of stats and baseball knowledge set to the style of music you should come to know Underwear for creating by now.   An interesting thought process within this song is whether or not baseball players know the value of their baseball cards, to the extent that when they're at bat do they think "If my batting average goes down, so does the value of my rookie card"?   It's something I've always wondered so I'm glad we can talk about it.  


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