Music Review // LVCRFT "Scream For Halloween"

While I've always felt like music based on seasons was too limiting (the way you only play Christmas music at Christmas time) I feel like having music about Halloween can be played any time because the general theme of being scary is always there.   You can watch horror movies any month out of the year, so you should always be on guard for potentially being scared.   LVCRFT also seems to agree with the idea that it can be Halloween-time all the time.

At its core, "Scream For Halloween" is a song that is somewhere between rock n roll and rockabilly with a slight touch of Devo.   This is a very fun song I could imagine putting on at a party and dancing with, but it doesn't have to be just in the season of Halloween.  I am somehow reminded of the beach and when artists like Elvis Presley had music/movies themed as such.  This song would also fit in well with that movie "Psycho Beach Party".

From The Munsters to the Addams Family, from "The Monster Mash" to... Well, there really is no compare for that anthem is there?  LVCRFT feels almost like they have created a theme song to a television show as well, which is different from a film because a half hour would be more directly related to the song than just hearing it within a movie somewhere.  But this could have an entire story behind it with an extended music video.

Within the last few weeks, the Halloween décor has made its way into stores such as Michaels.  LVCRFT bringing this song out now is not too soon for Halloween and it actually is time we start thinking about it.   But good music is good music and I enjoy that this song has that rock n roll vibe to it mixed with just something weird.   Music doesn't need to be constrained by time for the same reasons why I have "Nightmare Before Christmas" stuff up all year long.  But, it is time to start getting ready to scream.  


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