Music Review // Pat Guadagno "1964"

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Pat Guadagno begins this album with dramatic acoustics.   There is a sense of folk within these songs, as there are also strings coming in to make the sound pretty overall.   I'm reminded of artists such as Randy Newman, as it has that soft rock sound to it, but as the album goes on you will hear different styles of the rock genre and it will progress nicely.

"Warmth of the Sun" is a winding love song that has a harmonica on it while "Boots and Spanish Leather" feels like an acoustic Pearl Jam song at first.   But as that third song goes on and the duet vocals come in, I can hear some of that June Carter-Johnny Cash crossover vibes just as well.   "On The Street Where you Live" tells an upbeat story while "Till There Was You" feels like that flamenco guitar sound.

Before the album is done, you will hear a cover of "House Of The Risning Sun", which isn't the only cover on this album but it is among my favorites as it has that blues feel to it and just a great sense of rock n roll.   Having these cover songs with the originals makes the range on here just feel much more special, as this isn't something that everyone can do.   Pat Guadagno just feels like such a special musician.

I feel like some musicians out there have this one genre they perform in and can create in other genres for whatever reason they just don't.  It's like when you're favorite rock n roll band decides to put out a country album.   But with this album, it just feels like Pat Guadagno is showcasing all of his many talents across these songs and it's something which more people should be paying attention to and trying to do as well.