Cassette Review // Spike Penetrator "Rarities Vol 1" (Feral Kid Records)

While this was technically released on Capitol Idea Cassettes, it is being sold through Feral Kid Records via Store Envy and as far as I can tell that is the best way to go about getting it in a direct sense.   This one starts with that sort of punk skramz sound like Assorted Jellybeans.  There are horns like River City Rebels, but it also has this fun Buddy Holly/Elvis Presley era of sound as well.

Somewhere between rock n roll and classic rock, elements of "Walk on the Wild Side" come in as well.  There is a distorted buzz in here.  Side B begins with feelings of surf rock while there is also some twang.  But that Buddy Holly era of rock n roll persists and it might be the biggest influence throughout.

There have definitely been times when throughout the course of history music such as this has existed, but I don't think it's ever existed in this way before.  When Buddy Holly was coming out as rock n roll, it was really something more than what people were used to hearing at that time.  Now, some odd decades later, with all we've heard in music this feels like it's along similar lines but in a modern way.


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