Music Review // José Lobo "TBTBNM"

This song starts off sounding like it's going to just be the melody of the guitar with vocals, but as it goes on more instruments come in.   There are some I don't quite recognize, but there are also horns and this just has that feeling, musically, of a song which might be from the early 2000's when the college radio rock was taken over by Devendra Banhart and Akron/Family.  

While the music can be pleasant on the ears, the lyrics are in Spanish which means that you can spend time reading the subtitles in the video to find out what is being said if it is a language you do not understand.   I think this is important on many levels because even though you technically cannot understand the words of José Lobo, the language of music is universal.

During this music video there are scenes shot through what looks like old film both in the city and by the sea.  The song itself has this message of leaving, where if time and the weather says so then who can stop him from knowing it is time to go.   This can be taken in several different ways because you can leave an actual place but you can also know when it's time to leave a relationship or even a work place.

Whether you understand this song without subtitles or not, the music itself is enough to win anyone over.   The message is also something everyone should be able to relate with because at some point in our lives we have all been somewhere and felt like leaving.   And this isn't even about leaving, but just having that freedom of being able to leave when you know the time is right.  


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