Right away I am drawn into the sound of CROSSED WIRES because it sounds like something that could've come out in the 1990's, but also has that modern twist to it.   As I listen to this song, I'm thinking about bands like L7 and Veruca Salt more than I am anything modern, but I'm sure if you're younger and listening to this you might have that comparison with Metric or someone in the present tense.

There is just this slow distortion during this song that I enjoy.   It's not quite grunge, but it's close and that not-too-fast but not-too-slow drive of the song plays a lot into that.   Again, this isn't something I'm used to hearing as much but in the 1990's, a little while after grunge, this was all of the slacker rock and stoner rock rage.   I'm reminded of Wheatus and even to some extent Weezer as this has such a distinct sound.

This music video is a live performance at a skate park and I do fully believe that more musicians should be willing to play music while something else is happening.  I don't think it would take anything away from the music itself, especially since society has gone more into this inability to focus way, and it just seems so cool to have that visual of people skateboarding while a fitting song, such as this, plays.

Being that this video is at a skate park also just makes this song feel so much different.  It's one thing to fit into a playlist with artists like Letters to Cleo and Marcy Playground, but now you can also just put this into that skateboarding category with punk and just all of the other genres you can hear in a skateboarding video (metal, rap, etc)  This makes it feel as if CROSSED WIRE could play a show with a different number of genres and that makes them that much more special.  


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