Music Review // Robert Jon & the Wreck "Ride Into The Light"

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While I have thought of Robert Jon & the Wreck as having that sound of blues and southern rock, "Ride Into The Light" has proven that they also can have this nostalgic feeling within their music, which I really do enjoy.   "Who Can You Love" has that Wallflowers/Tom Petty sound, but overall there just seems to be these guitar parts at times which remind me of Styx or Rush, which just makes me feel like we're having a blast from the past.

On songs such as "Come At Me", Robert Jon & the Wreck bring the energy and it is strong.   In many ways, even in their slower songs, I feel like it is that energy which separates Robert Jon & the Wreck from other artists.  I know when thinking about the blues and the kind of rock that creates you can always imagine this one slow, sad ballad, but "Ride Into The Light" has more of this punk side to it, as it feels more rebellious and lively.

In true rock n roll spirit the songs all sing about what they say.   As we get to the end of the album, we reach the title track and it only makes sense to have it be the closer since it is called "Ride Into The Light".   There are several ways to interpret this title.  On one hand, it could simply be riding off into the sunset, as the light feels brightest as it reaches closer to the earth.  On the other hand, going into the light can be associated with dying, but this album just doesn't feel like that at all.

I think of the light as positivity but also as a beacon.   If you've ever been on a roadtrip through states which don't have a lot going on, you know that you'll go through stretches of darkness.   You just ride through it all until you reach that light of a town which has a gas station or motel, whatever you seek.   But finding that light in the darkness is what it's all about and this album shows that Robert Jon & the Wreck is not just one of the best blues albums of the year but one of the best albums all around.  


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