Music Review // Alex Whorms "Faded"

Alex Whorms has created a wonderful song using nothing but a piano and the notes which come from it.  While it flows steady there is a moment where it stops and then comes back in.  That pause and those bits of silence in between the notes are really the most telling.  This song really says a lot for being instrumental.

It's difficult to think about music when there is just one sound and compare it with other music because that singular sound takes on so much of what is happening.    That also makes these notes in an individual way just feel so powerful and strong.   It just comes out so deliberately and it feels like it cannot be ignored.

I'm someone who likes to have music on no matter what I'm doing.  The only time I think I'm not listening to music is if I'm writing.   But this is the perfect type of song for driving, listening to while taking a bath or just for swimming laps in a pool.  I wouldn't put this on at a party or around a crowd of people, but if you did it could spark some interesting conversation for sure.

There is something special in an artist and a song where they feel as if the message can be told in the most simple and direct way possible.   No miscommunications, no need for explanations.   If you can listen to this song and it makes you feel something then Alex Whorms has accomplished what many musicians set out to do but don't quite get done.   For an instrumental song, this really speaks volumes.  


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