Music Review // Shane Ghostkeeper "Sunbeam"


What I really enjoy about Shane Ghostkeeper is that on this song there seems to be a strong influence of rock n roll, which can come from both the past and present, but there aren't really strong influences where you can pinpoint it to other artists.   "Sunbeam" just has that way where it fits into a certain genre with bands like The White Stripes and CCR, but at the same time it just doesn't sound exactly like anyone else.

There exists a distorted guitar riff within this song and I like to think that it guides us through it.  A cool, moderate pace is here as well and as such this just feels like something you want to put on when you're ready to relax.   It isn't chill enough for you to fall asleep, but it's not in a real hurry to go anywhere either.

During this music video there are visuals of shapes and colors.   This helps to bring out the idea that this song is psychedelic, the type of song perhaps you would hear during the time of Woodstock and just in general for hippies.  But at the same time, it does have elements which make it feel too modern for that, which is just part of what makes Shane Ghostkeeper so special overall.

Regardless of what era of rock music you enjoy, this is the perfect song to add to that playlist that can combine the past with the present.  It's not just in both time frames at the same time, but you can put it in between two songs from fifty years apart and it'll fit right in.   But the timing of this song is not quite as important as the fact that it just flat out rocks.