Music Review // Todd Kowaluk "Enough is Enough"

When "Enough is Enough" begins you can hear these drum machine beats mixed with an acoustic guitar.  This has a sense of rock and folk to it, mostly folk because it feels like a protest song, but overall this just captures a sound from the 1990's that I don't think enough people use these days.  

At one point, we had artists such as Soul Coughing and Folk Implosion doing this acoustic + electronics sound in music and I don't really feel like enough artists have picked up where they left off.   Todd Kowaluk has that vibe in this song though, and I feel like this is a sound that is peaceful and pleasant enough for everyone to get into while spreading a positive message.

Sometimes we all hit our end.  It could be about any number of things, but saying "Enough is Enough" is when we hit that point and finally begin to speak up.  I think this song is important because we all have these things we don't tolerate or protest against but then you have to ask yourself what made you that way- what was that one catalyst which had you feeling like enough was enough?

Hopefully through this song people can be reminded in a good way of why they started believing what they believe.  Perhaps an idea such as police violence could stem from an incident close to home for you.  Sharing that incident, and in many ways remembering what we're fighting for, might just be enough for someone else to say enough is enough.  


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