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Pro Wrestling GRIND
February 24th, 2023
Pulaski Club, Easthampton MA


Not only is Pro Wrestling GRIND back this Friday but they are back at the Pulaski Club!  Seven big matches are coming, following the events of "All We Are".   GRIND is bringing forth some familiar faces, some new faces and above all else just delivering matches that are bound to hit harder than just about anywhere else.

ZPB vs Rip Byson

ZPB made his GRIND debut back in October at "Celebration Day", taking on BEEF as a last minute replacement and while the GRIND fans might still be on the fence about ZPB, he definitely won me over in that match.  ZPB proved that he is a tough wrestler and can hang in GRIND.  But he will now have to hang with one of the toughest in the world: Rip Byson.

After Rip Byson was eliminated in the Emerald 12 Tournament, he earned a title shot against Jay Freddie at "Sinister Urge" back at the beginning of December.  Rip Byson came up short and seemingly had to regroup.   Byson also suffered a loss to Gary Jay at "All We Are", the last GRIND show, so if ever there was going to be a time for ZPB to capitolize on an opportunity and get a win, this might be it.

Andy Brown vs Danny Miles

While Andy Brown was last seen in GRIND at "Sinister Urge" in a loss to Perry Von Vicious, one would expect that Andy Brown would want to avenge that loss here.   Danny Miles makes his GRIND debut and though he is an often overlooked veteran of professional wrestling, the majority of the time that you see him now he is in a group.   

Andy Brown is one of the best overall wrestlers in the world today and without any members of The Unit or fake ass cowboys here to help him out, Danny Miles is going into this match with a lot to prove.  How that all plays out can only be determined when that bell rings.  

Brooke Valentine vs Delmi Exo

Brooke Valentine made her Pro Wrestling GRIND debut back in May at "Come And Get It", with a win over Willow Nightingale.    Delmi Exo, however, has been undefeated in GRIND outside of the Emerald 12 Tournament and a loss at "All We Are" to Emi Sakura.   This is going to be an interesting match because should Delmi Exo lose again, she risks going into a losing streak but Brooke Valentine isn't coming to be another name on the list of wrestlers Delmi Exo has defeated.

When Brooke Valentine made her GRIND debut, Delmi Exo defeated Jody Threat on that same show.  So this is going to be an interesting match because to think about what both of these wrestlers were like ten months ago versus now- they are both improved as Brooke Valentine holds tag team gold with Jordan Blade and Delmi Exo has signed with MLW.   This will be one of the best and most even matched matches on this entire show.

The Mane Event vs Travis Huckabee/Mike Skyros

Keeping the tag team competition alive, The Mane Event- who recently suffered their second tag team loss in GRIND at "All We Are" against Violence Is Forever look to get back to their winning ways against the tag team of Mike Skyros and Travis Huckabee.   Huckabee and Skyros have attempted to team together before- against Angelo Carter and Logan Black- but they only picked up that win with the help from Manders.

While Manders doesn't appear to be in the area this Friday night, it remains to be seen if the team of Huckabee and Skyros will bring on some sort of other shenanigans or if this will be a fair two on two match up.   Based on experience alone, The Mane Event should win in a fair fight because they have been teaming together longer and are actually friends.  

Ichiban vs Ryan Mooney

GRIND has really helped showcase how tough Ryan Mooney is as a wrestler, never backing down and holding some big matches in his time here.   Ichiban has had a lot of fun matches throughout New England, against opponents of all varieties, but making his debut here, it just feels like Ichiban is stepping into somewhere he's never quite been before.  

Much like everyone in their debut, Ichiban might be in over his head but his quickness will certainly come into play here, hoping to out pace Ryan Mooney for the win.   While this is the debut of Ichiban in GRIND on paper, it really feels more like throwing him into the deep end of the pool because this will be the truest of tests.  

Perry Von Vicious vs Ryan Galeone

Perry Von Vicious has been on somewhat of a winning streak, with victories over Andy Brown and WARHORSE in the month of December in GRIND.   Prior to that though, PVV did lose a number one contender's match (won by Rip Byson), but one would have to assume that a win here could put PVV right back into title contention.

Then we enter Ryan Galeone, a wrestler who should have been on every GRIND show thus far but has only managed to be summoned when the title is "Overkill".  Oddly enough, Ryan Galeone lost his one and only GRIND match against Logan Black, the same wrestler who knocked Perry Von Vicious out of the Emerald 12.

Ever since last year in GRIND, it felt like Perry Von Vicious was building up to having one hell of a run.  His match with WARHORSE at "All We Are" just solidified that.  He's Big Match PVV now.  And facing someone with the size that can also get the height that Ryan Galeone can, there is perhaps no bigger match on this show.  

Jay Freddie (c) vs Bryan Keith (GRIND Grand Championship Match)

While everyone else seemingly works out their differences on the GRIND roster to try and find the next challenger for Jay Freddie and the GRIND Grand Championship, an outsider had to be brought in for this title defense.  What better wrestler to bring in to face Jay Freddie for this championship than "The Bounty Hunter" Bryan Keith?

Few wrestlers have been having the year that Bryan Keith is having (and, really, there are maybe two and one of them is Mike Bailey and they're wrestling each other again soon)   The current New Texas Pro Champion.   The current Timebomb Champion.  Gold is something that Bryan Keith is all too familiar with these days.  

When you're looking for wrestlers to make a debut in a big way, few can do what Bryan Keith is capable of doing.  Recent wins over Masha Slamovich, Kevin Ku, Manders, Joey Janela and MV Young show that Bryan Keith is out to make a statement in every match that he is in.  And that statement is to take names and make people know his name.

But Jay Freddie is no easy walk through opponent.   Jay Freddie became the GRIND Grand Champion by beating the best in the company.  Jay Freddie has also successfully held onto that title by beating the best put in front of him.   This is truly going to be a battle where two of the best in the world face each other and no matter who wins this one has Match of The Year written all over it.  

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