Music Review //
Robert Jon & The Wreck
"Come At Me"

One of the first things we should always notice about Robert Jon & The Wreck is how much their sound just has that classic rock sound but remains feeling modern.    All too often it feels like bands who try to emulate that classic rock sound feel like they're just stuck in the past, but Robert Jon & The Wreck have found a way to do it that would make "Come At Me" a song which would fit in on both the classic rock and modern rock radio stations.

The song has this energy which is delivered with a punch in the chorus.  I enjoy this aspect of the song because it can feel as if there is a specific adversary that we are saying "Come At Me" too- something which is specifically standing in our way.  But at the same time, as the song goes on about being sick of being tired, it just feels like it's this anthem to just embracing life and taking whatever comes your way.

The music video switches from various clips to a basketball court, which gives you this general idea of how this song could be specific.   If you're in a basketball game, then you would tell the other team "Come At Me".   And in that context it works, so seeing it within the video just makes sense.    But not everyone plays basketball, so you have to find whatever that opposing basketball team in your life is.

As the video comes to an end, we see a team of children challenge the band to basketball and pay off the ref.  One of the kids kicks one of the adults in the shins, causing them to make the play easier and score points.  I think this is that gentle reminder that life isn't always fair- sometimes it's going to kick you in the shins- but also that when we're kids we tend to have it easier than we do as adults.   The older you get, the more often you have to remember to say "Come At Me" to the opposition.  


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