Music Review //
The Hello Darlins
"Better Days"

As long as I've been listening to music, I've always felt like it could change your mood but sometimes you had to put on sad music to feel happy again.   The idea of "Better Days" being ahead could be presented as an upbeat pop song, but The Hello Darlins have this slower, blues type of way about making this song which just seems to work.

You can hear the organs come out and The Hello Darlins feel like The Wallflowers or borderline country even.   "Better Days" is slow, winding and it has soul.   It doesn't feel like the type of song that you would classify as happy, if you were thinking from a pop point of view, but it does have a positive message with line such as "There'll be sunshine after the rain".

One of the most powerful things about music is that it can make you feel things that the song does not actually portray.   This isn't a happy song, but it is one of coping and so much like the blues themselves, if you listen to this and you are feeling down, you'll likely relate with the way that it sounds and when the words sink in, you'll realize that things will get better.

I'm not sure about anyone else, but if I want to put on music to make me happy, if I'm feeling down, I'm not going to put on an overly pop song such as "Mmbop".  That would just annoy me.  The way that this song isn't about being happy right now but knowing that happiness will come in the near future makes it match up with the sound even more and for that, people should be listening to The Hello Darlins.  


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