Music Review //
Angela Saini
"It's Ok

The music of Angela Saini is distinct because there is a catchy-pop way about this song, but underneath it also feels like country.   There is that radio country or pop country aspect of it all, which of course makes me think about an artist such as Shania Twain, as I have little experience with the radio country but also feel as if that's a well enough known name to just leave that one there.

"It's Ok" moves at a steady pace and feels upbeat but the lyrics are also more encouraging in that way of needing to be lifted up.    The idea of the song starts with stating that if you don't feel like going outside then you shouldn't go outside.   This is something I've been struggling with a lot lately (and I think we all do) because it feels like we want to live our fullest lives and go out and do all that we can.

But sometimes constantly going and never taking a break can take its toll on our health- both mental and physical.   We need to be able to recognize that if we're going to take a weekend off to relax once in a while it's not a bad thing and it will just make the weekends when we're out there doing things feel more meaningful.   But then Angela Saini goes on to sing the classic line: "It's ok not to be ok", which is something I didn't hear a lot growing up.

Though it still happens now, in the past whenever someone was sad we'd always try and encourage them to stop crying and "put on a happy face".   There was never really a lot of positivity around being sad and I think it's ok (as the song says) to be sad and we need to be more accepting of that because bottling up or ignoring our emotions isn't the way to go through life.  Hopefully this song can help us celebrate that fact a little bit more as we certainly seem to need to be reminded of it.  


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