Music Review //
Butterfly Black

Right away, one of the reasons why I enjoy this song is because it has that 1990's R&B vibe that you just don't hear as much any more.   Growing up, listening to Boyz II Men, TLC, Arrested Development and PM Dawn on cassettes makes me realize that "Lifetime" by Butterfly Black would just fit in with that as a playlist right now.

More than just appealing to my nostalgia though, this song just feels upbeat.  It's not overly so but it has that energy which can get you moving and when you consider the lyrics it just seems to all fit in place as well.   Somewhere between R&B and soul, Butterfly Black have found this sound I've not heard in a while and I appreciate that.

The song itself is about finding someone to spend a lifetime with.   There are lyrics about going to therapy but also lines such as: "You add to me".  While there are seemingly endless amount of love songs out there, I don't think any of them quite capture what it is like in this way.  Most of the other songs are about how much you like someone else's smile while this has a more deep rooted connection.

Listening to this song just fills me with such joy.   It has a very specific place in my heart because of the style of music not just taking me back to the 1990's and cassettes but it can even be heard as something before that, when soul was taking over.  And along with this joyous music comes a message which we all should pay close attention to because it's a love song in the most meaningful way.


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