Music Review //
Francisco Martin
"Passenger Princess"


As soon as I see the title "Passenger Princess" my own thoughts begin forming in my mind.  Everyone knows someone who just won't ever drive and you always feel like you're the one driving them around everywhere, right?   For a while, I didn't have a car and I was the "Passenger Princess", being driven everywhere by the same group of people and to places that maybe they didn't want to go.

Francisco Martin has created a song which is catchy as hell.  After listening to it only one time, you'll be singing the hook: "You don't have to leave just yet".   And though there are elements of pop within, this does feel more like a bedroom pop type of song, with those drum machine beats and how some of the music comes in and makes me think of video games.  There are definite pop qualities though.

From artists such as AJR to Glass Animals, this song would fit in really well on the radio.  I especially enjoy that it is called "Passenger Princess" and I listen to the radio primarily in my car so it works on that level as well.   But having been a passenger for so long myself, I guess one part of this song that isn't discussed but is there is how it's better in ways to be the driver because then you feel like you're in control.

However, to some greater extent (if you can read between the lines of the song) I feel like the idea of being a "Passenger Princess" is that you dictate where to go.  So even though you might not be in the drivers seat, you still have control.   Whichever character you are in this song or if you just want to drive around while listening to it, there is a lot of fun to be had here.  


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