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Tara MacLean

The sound of the song "Sparrow" is softer, as it tends to focus primarily on the vocals and guitar.  It reminds me a bit of Fleetwood Mac, but if you have your own sense of singer/songwriter performers you'll likely form your own opinions.  Somewhere between folk and rock with a little bit of country, Tara MacLean crafts a unique sound because her voice is so present.

I didn't really know what to expect from a song called "Sparrow" but I am at the point in my life where I enjoy birdwatching.  Throughout the lyrics, the key to this song seems to be about moving on.  There is a line: "Somehow I'm finally myself" and I think for a lot of our lives we try to be who we think we should be but then eventually just turn into who we are.

There is also a line about how "Nothing's unforgivable" and I think as it relates to the sparrow you have to agree.  When you hold onto something it can eat at you inside more and do more damage to you than it ever does to anyone else.  Holding onto these things is like holding onto a sparrow that is meant to fly.

At the same time, this whole song and just thinking about the sparrow should be a reminder of how big the world is in comparison to us.  Have you ever seen the same bird twice? In a city, you could see pigeons every day, but how do you know they're the same pigeons?  So maybe you only see this pigeon for five seconds of its life.  Everything feels like such a short fragment of time when you listen to this song and begin to see it all on such a larger scale.


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