Music Review //
Chin Injeti
"All for Nothing"

The music style of Chin Injeti is not an easy one to define.  Somewhere between pop and R&B, these tones come out with the percussion like Phil Collins or P.M. Dawn.  It has that idea of being something from the 1990's that was released on cassette, but there is also a modern twist to it.   Ultimately, this song would be on the pop radio stations, but it is much more complex than that, as much as it might not seem that way on the surface.

I realize that in life that idea of "All or Nothing" comes into play a lot.  I understand why it is the chorus and title of this song.   But I've never really understood how someone could feel like they were all in on something.  To give everything to something or someone else is just not something I could do because to me it feels one-dimensional.  Even just within writing, I'm pulled in different directions between music, baseball and other interests.

What I think Chin Injeti is trying to convey as a message in this song though is not about going all in on something in that way, but rather in the sense of a relationship and when you're about one person just being all about that one person.   Yes, it doesn't make sense to have the ultimatum of "All or Nothing" if you have to choose between painting and creating music, you should be able to do a little bit of each.   But in terms of a relationship, it's that idea that you're only with that person or you get nothing.

This song drifts off at the end with this killer guitar solo, which just makes it a bit more confusing because it pulls it closer to rock than to pop or even R&B.   The way that Chin Injeti can draw from these various influences, from different cassettes in my collection, and mix them all together to create this sound which just flows so flawlessly, it really is quite something to behold.  Everyone should be all in on this music.


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