Music Review //
Chris Duarte
"Nobody But You"

As this music video begins it shows someone going into a bar and on the wall there are signs for Lone Star which I assume is the beer so I assume this is in Texas.   Having this song start inside of a bar and turn into, more or less, a live performance inside of there really tells you all you need to know about Chris Duarte.   Not many songs have this type of attitude, but "Nobody But You" does.

Back in the 1980's and 1990's there was a time when the main characters of a movie would find themselves in a bar.   A band or one musician would be on stage playing and it would give off this certain vibe that Chris Duarte has here as well.   A little bit like the movie "Roadhouse", I would not be surprised in the least if this song was playing in a bar somewhere and then a bar fight broke out.

To simply describe this sound it is guitar driven rock n roll.   It reminds me a little bit of "My Sharona", but there are also elements of the greats in here such as ZZ Top.   The lyrics are about someone in a relationship, as the title relates to: "I ain't got nobody / I ain't got nobody but you".  It's an interesting place to be in, should you find yourself there, but it could also lead to a bar fight if in the right setting.

One of the things which I feel like I really like the most about this song is that when you peel back the layers of rock n roll and how much it rocks, at its very core it just feels like a love song.  And I enjoy that you can put this on for its energetic qualities and the way it can make you just feel a certain way but yet it all comes back to love.   Whether you're fighting in a bar or just taking the time to appreciate someone else, I think that's what it all comes back to in the end.


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