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The music of Kalila can perhaps best be described as folk.  With the harmony of vocals come acoustic guitars and other strings to add to that overall sad and slow feeling of the song.   While the title of this song might be "Panacea", the message behind it seems to be quite the opposite.  

"Panacea" is a term that means a solution for all difficulties or diseases.  It's something which would be nice to have in life simply because at times I take numerous medications and wish that they could just all be combined into one simple pill.   But sometimes there are problems you have which cannot be solved with a pill such as the way ibuprofen can ease a headache.  

This song seems to come from the place of a person in a relationship where they were looking for it to being that thing which makes everything better but it was not.  This is evidenced in the line: "I was never the one to help in the way you wanted".  The relationship also seemed to go wrong because of lines such as: "If you found a therapist / you'd start to trust again".

People shouldn't really rely on others for their happiness- it's something you should obtain before bringing in outsiders.   But there really isn't one magic fix all for everything we face in life and perhaps thinking that there is becomes the first mistake.  Either way, if you've ever been in a relationship that you are no longer in for the wrong reasons then this delicate song could be for you.  


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