Music Review //
Universal Honey
"Time Blindness"


Time is such a funny thing because no matter what we do, it keeps pressing forward.  The idea of having "Time Blindness" can mean different things within the context of this song and music video.   On one hand, it can simply be about the sound of Universal Honey as they explore the synthwave of artists before them.   This reminds me a bit of The Go-Go's because of the energy as well.

This music video definitely also has that look of nostalgia, as many different colors are made present one by one but also there are items in here such as a Polaroid camera.  A stop motion sequence shows an older toy car, a toy robot, things such as that, which can also feel dated.  But I'm not sure that Universal Honey meant "Time Blindness" strictly to be about having that retro feeling.

Considering a relationship or just something when you are having fun, there is always that time that passes and you don't realize it.   Maybe you look at your clock one moment and it's 11am and then the next time you happen to glance over it's already 4pm when it feels like mere minutes have passed by.  

I feel like we all get caught up in moments of "Time Blindness" and perhaps even as much as we do, we should quite more.   One example of how I'd like to do this more is by no longer waking up to an alarm- just sleeping until I'm no longer tired.  But, as long as the opportunity presents itself, I'm listening to this upbeat song and not paying attention to the clocks around me.  


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