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One of perhaps the biggest realizations in my life, going from a teenager to my early twenties perhaps was finding out that there was such a thing as serotonin.   It's somewhat comforting to have that chemical imbalance to be able to blame your depression on as opposed to just feeling like you're broken or defective.  

Frankie Flowers sings about this subject through ambient and often times trippy music.   In some ways this is dreamy and at the same time it could be somewhere between genres such as slowcore or shoegaze.   Overall, it reminds me of something between Mazzy Star and Slothrust, though of course it has its own Frankie Flowers touch to the way that the vocals come through and it just echoes into space.

The chorus of this song discusses how something is serving as the serotonin for the singer: "You're my serotonin / and you get me every time".   One of my favorite lines, which I feel about things which I won't say, is "Sometimes I feel like dying / but with you I feel alive".   It's important to have things which make us feel alive and to hold them close.   Perhaps the most relatable line in here though is: "Reality is slowly eating me alive".

Music is such a strange thing because when I listen to this song, the way it presents itself and the lyrics make me feel like I'm right back in the era of grunge.  It's 1993 all over again.  But at the same time, I still hear the modern sounds in here, as if it could be a modern rock band, and that sort of messes with my head.  But this song is a good reminder of focusing on what we like in our lives and what makes us happy.  


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