Music Review //
Tara Van
"Back In Love"

Tara Van has this big way of singing which feels uplifting as other voices bring in the "oooh's" and "aaahhh's" behind it all.  This feels like a song by Florence + The Machine, specifically the one about the dog days being over.  

"Back In Love" is about falling out of love with someone else and then falling back in love with yourself.  There is a lot that can be said for being on your own and I think a lot of people overlook it or take it for granted at times.  I remember going on dates when you spend twice as much money as you would if you just took yourself out.

But it isn't just about material things.  If you can't stand being around yourself- if you know you have these flaws you need to work on, perhaps you should work on them before jumping into a relationship and making them the problems of someone else as well.  I really feel like this is why a lot of relationships don't work.

So listen to these words of Tara Van.   Fall in love with yourself.  Then, if you should choose to, take the time to go out and find someone else to share your time with.  But, as this song demonstrates so well, we don't need to be with other people just for the sake of being with other people.   


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