Music Review //
The Lad Classic
"Feelin' High"

What I appreciate about this song by The Lad Classic is that it addresses the topic of love- as a feeling- without comparing it to something physical but rather comparing it with being high.  And, in its own way, love certainly is like a drug and feeling it certainly can be a sort of high.  People will try to attach love to the physical, but it is simply not.

The Lad Classic rip through this song musically with rock n roll vibes that fall somewhere between The Darkness and Fall Out Boy.  Lines such as "You got your money baby / that ain't what drives me crazy" are important because it just shows what's going on in this song is based on feelings and not tangible things.

Often times, whether we realize it or not, we might just find ourselves in relationships out of convenience.  There is a line in the movie "Mallrats" about two people being together for so long because one of them had cable.  While these things do tend to happen in real life, that's simply not what this song is about.

It's also easy to feel this way- this high from love- when you first meet someone, but then in time it fades and so we move onto someone else who makes us feel that high again.  Isn't it funny how much love is like a drug in that way, in that you can almost build up a tolerance to it?  But try to take love more seriously and use this song as a guide to do just that.  


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