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Rebel Kicks


The energy comes right out of Rebel Kicks at the start of this song and it does not let up.  There is an element in this music which makes me think of something older, like The Replacements or even Huey Lewis and the News.   This has that feeling of a song from back when the rock n roll bands on the radio at the time would occasionally have a horn section.

At the same time though, Rebel Kicks can channel some modern rock sounds with hints of Kings of Leon.   I really do enjoy the way that this song is somewhat like the movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind".   It is about the desire to rid your memory of someone you once knew closely.   This brings about the great line: "I wish I could know you less".  It's funny how we can get to know more about each other but not the opposite.

The title "Silhouette" because to not know someone in that sense is to see them as a shadow, an outline.   While there isn't really this magic machine that can erase memories, I think in time that just happens naturally.   Eventually, as we grow apart and time takes its toll, we truly do come to know less about people we no longer have in our lives.   Sometimes, we even begin to forget them completely.

Still, "Silhouette" remains a rather upbeat song for being one of heartbreak.  I particularly enjoy this music video because it has cassettes in it.   I also see that as a tip of the cap to the sound of Rebel Kicks, embracing that feeling of being from the 1980's or 1990's while also remaining modern.    It is definitely a sound that more people should be getting behind and should also be played on the radio.  


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