Music Review //
Parks N' Rec
"Peace of Mind"

The sound of Parks N' Rec could best be described as chillgaze.  It starts off just so melodic and smooth but then these drums kick in which make it feel almost new wave.   But even though the sound grows, it feels like it's still at this same pace.  The song just feels like riding a skateboard, but specifically a longboard on the beach boardwalk.

It is difficult to argue with the message behind this song, as the chorus has a line about "people living in competition" and it just feels like life goes by pretty fast and can get hectic.  Sometimes you not only want but also need that time to just relax, to take a moment to get your head on straight.

This music video starts off in the ocean and eventually travels to the land while riding around a motorcycle in the city.  It certainly sets the tone with the song itself because it just feels so free and without a care in the world.  These are the type of activities that you would do to relax, as this song is trying to convey.

We're often reminded about how short life is and thus we should live it up and make every day count.  But if you went non-stop, trying to live every day to its fullest, without taking a break, without slowing down, you're just going to end up crashing.  That's where "Peace of Mind" comes in, as a reminder that sometimes you can just slow things down and that's okay.


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