Music Review //
Kristina Dervaitis
"Everything & Nothing"

Kristina Dervaitis has created an energetic rock song which sounds somewhere between 4 Non Blondes and Fleetwood Mac.   There are moments when the vocals can almost feel like speaking, but then they stretch out into really big singing and that just seems to take over the entire song.  

There is also this fuzzy-distorted guitar riff towards the end that shows how this song can take a unique turn from grunge to new wave and into a genre feeling all its own.  I also really like that this song can compare and contrast how something can be everything but it also can be nothing.   Technically, nothing is something in the way that zero is a number but to think about these opposites in your own way seems to be what this song is driving at.

In a lot of ways I like to think of this song as being about the present and the future.  Something might mean everything to you right now- and it could be a relationship or a job- but eventually it might mean nothing to you.   As an example, you might like your job and it means everything to you, so you'd be crushed to lose it.

However, a few months after you lose that job, you get a new job that's better.  So that job which once meant everything to you now means nothing.   You don't even think about it anymore.   It's not easy, but I know we could all worry less if we think about things in that way.  Yes, the pain is hard now, but in the future it might not be so much.  Just try to remember that with this song.  


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